Paint, Special Coatings, Sealants

Club 25 - Historic Anchorage Bldg. Restoration

JKM provides Painting, Special Coatings, and Architectural Sealant Services

  1. Commercial Building Painting
  2. Residential Painting
  3. Industrial Coatings
  4. Multi-level Building Painting
  5. Historical Building Restoration
  6. Parking Lot Striping
  7. Corrosion Control Coatings
  8. Elastomeric Coatings
  9. Epoxy Coatings
  10. Protective Coatings
  11. Structural Steel Painting
  12. Specialty Floor Coatings
  13. Pool Deck Coatings
  14. Architectural Sealants
  15. Certified, Competent Persons for Swing Stage Work

                     ... and much more

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