JKM General Contractors, LLC


Architectural Sealants & Fire Stopping

JKM General Contractors, LLC offers Architectural Sealants and Fire Stopping services for all types of buildings, both new and existing construction, and interior and exterior applications.

      -   Expansions & Control Joint Sealants
      -   Window and Doors Sealants
EIFS & Stucco Caulking Applications
      -   Metal Panel Sealants
      -   Vertical & Horizontal Applications
      -   Fire-Proofing Sealants
        -    Epoxy, Urethane, Silicone & Acrylic
Exterior & Interior Applications
      -   Certified, Competent Persons for Swing Stage Work

                                          ...hundreds of thousands of lineal footage applied to date.

We provide custom color options in both our interior and exterior sealant finishes.

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