JKM General Contractors, LLC


Commercial Painting
JKM General Contractors, LLC provides Commercial and Industrial Services in the following areas.
      -   Commercial Building Painting
      -   Industrial Painting
      -   Sponge Jet Blasting
      -   Multi-level Building Painting
      -   Historical Building Restoration
      -   Parking Lot Striping
      -   Corrosion Control Coatings
      -   Elastomeric Coatings
      -   Epoxy Coatings
      -   Protective Coatings
      -   Structural Steel Painting
      -   Specialty Floor Coatings
      -   Certified, Competent Persons for Swing Stage Work

                     ... and much more

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Recently Completed Historical Building Restoration

Ketchikan, Alaska Federal Building Historical Renovation

                                         During   Completed


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